Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays Make Some Trades

It has been a long time since I posted here but thought I may get it going again.

The Toronto Blue Jays just made a pair of trades.  The first trade was:

Toronto traded: Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart.
Chicago White Sox traded: Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen.

This trade was made knowing they would use Jackson in the following trade.

Toronto traded: Edwin Jackson, Corey Patterson, Octavio Dotel, and Marc Rzepczynski
St.Louis traded: Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallett, Trever Miller, and P.J.Walters.

The main piece that the Jays get is Colby Rasmus.  Reports have suggested that he was not getting along with management in St.Louis.  Let's hope he will get along alright in Toronto.  He is currenly hitting .246 with 11 homeruns and and 40 RBIs.  He has also hit 14 doubles.  He has very good athletic ability, speed and power.  He is also only 24 years old.  I am sure the Jays are hoping that he will listen to and learn from Jose Bautista. 

The Toronto Blue Jays lose Jason Frasor who has been a very realiable relief pitcher over the years for the Jays.  Marc Rzepczynski has done a very good job for the Jays this year.  His current ERA is 2.98.  The transition from starter to reliever has proven to be a good move for him.  Octavio Dotel has done better than I thought he would when the Jays signed him.  He is older and am sue he can be replaced by someone in the system.  Corey Patterson has proven to be a good extra outfielder this year.  I am sure he will be coming off the bench in St. Louis.  I am sure the Jays did not want to trade Zach Stewart but you usually have to give up talent to get some back.  I am sure the White Sox are very pleased to get him for long term stability.  Jason Frasor will help them right away in their push to get to the .500 mark and perhaps right into a playoff push.

I am not sure why the Jays would want Brian Tallett back.  I am thinking they were told they would have to take him to make the deal go through.  That is just my opinion.  He is a left hander but will his 8.31 ERA help the Jays?  He has been injured this year.  Perhaps he is just getting into better playing form now.  Trever Miller is a 38 year old left hander.  Perhaps he will just be used to plug holes for the remainder of the year?  He did pitch in Toronto back in 2003.  I am not sure what Mark Teahen will bring to the roster.  I am sure he will be used to plug some holes as well.

I am not sure what to think of all the players that have been moved today.  I think the Jays lost a lot of pitching but brought in a player in Rasmus that could turn into a franchise center fielder.  Another question I have is, what, if anything, will the Jays do with Davis.  Will they trade him or rotate these players around.  I would say with the way Snider has been playing since he was recalled it will be hard to take him out of the lineup.  I give credit to AA for trying to build the team for the future.
What do you think of the trades?  Please post your thoughts.

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  1. It's interesting to look back on articles like these and realize that the player that might have made the biggest difference in the Cardinals' playoff push was Rzepczynski. I remember how LaRussa would just put him in to get Braun out even in say, the 5th inning, if the situation was big enough. I'd like to look into the importance of such players perhaps (I wrote on

    Think the Jays are looking good this year. I realize you don't update much anymore, but hopefully the Jays will make you reconsider.



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